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poonda industries


POONDA Industries Ltd is a leading heavy-duty textile manufacturer involved in a large variety of fields such as textile tactical gear for military, car cargo and outdoor equipment, home décor modular lounging areas and garden furniture, well-being soft products, professional tool bags & pouches, baby products, tailor made fashioned backpacks line.
Our values chain guide us through in developing and manufacturing the best products according to markets demands.



POONDA Industries Ltd established in 2011 as a family business involved in the heavy-duty  textile industry. Before that, we did our first steps in the business as a small workshop, which sew tailor-made backpacks.

With time, one of our customer was a Special Forces fighter that used the backpack he ordered from us in his military service. As a result, his squad approached us in a request to develop and manufacture a unique carrier for tactical equipment.

This is how we revealed to the textile military gear industry.

Due to the fact, we acquired knowledge and equipment for producing heavy-duty textile products, the company has gotten involved in other fields of heavy-duty textile products such as car cargo and outdoor equipment, garden furniture, beanbags, baby products etc.

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